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Car Detailing

Do you wish to appreciate your vehicle, twinkling like the day when you fall for it? Don’t worry; we will make it happen for you. Our car detailing services would ensure every nook and corner of your car, interior and exterior, to be restored to a brand new condition!


  • Exterior wash & dry – process done by hand. Our team of skilled professionals will spray & wipe down the body of the car (along with rims, door handles and glass) with specialized products.
  • Paint Claying – to remove any contaminants, overspray, or residue left after the car has been thoroughly washed for a cleaner & smoother surface and to increase the effectiveness of polish & wax.
  • Polishing – to remove small layers of clear coat to smoothen out small scratches & swirls in the paint.
  • Sealing or Waxing – to give the car a glossy shine as well as to add a protective layer to the car’s paint


  • Vacuuming – Seats, carpets, mats, headliner, rear cargo area as well as the trunk are vacuumed to clean out the debris.
  • Scrubbing & Brushing – to remove stains on floor carpets & mats
  • Steam Cleaning – to remove tough stains in the carpets & seats.
  • Glass Cleaning – to give a crystal clear appearance to the windows and windshield
  • Leather Trimming – to clean leather parts in the automobile.
  • Perfuming – To leave the car smelling clean and new.